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Teaching Tips For Learning Coaches

Dear Fantastic Learning Coaches,

Learning coaches are the foundation for our program! I congratulate you on your dedication and hard work, which makes the incredible learning possible!

Here are some ideas that may help in your daily teaching. If you have other ideas that you think other families would benefit from, please k-mail your ideas and I would love to potentially add them to our site. We can learn best from each other!!!

Happy teaching and learning!!!LC


Mrs. Colbert


Teaching Tip Of The Month:


Is Your Child Having Trouble Focusing???

-Be sure to have a daily schedule posted and do your best to stick with it.

-Build in breaks as the child needs them.

-Reduce distractions when working.

-Have a “School Space” to work.

-Let your child move around.  Think of supplemental games and activities that get the child out of his or her seat.

-Get a yoga ball for your child to sit on.  A little bounce helps some children to focus.

-Reduce sweets in the morning and at lunch.  Give them “brain food.”

-Sleep is important.  No one can work well when tired.  You too, Learning Coaches!!!