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When in doubt, please contact Ms. Colbert!!!

Mrs. Colbert

Send an e-mail, call, or deliver a message with a homing pigeon... just please ask for help!!! If I cannot help you, I will guide you to someone who can.


















































































































Welcome New Students!!!

Being new to a program can be overwhelming but never fear!!! Everyone was new once and they are now feeling successful. It takes 3-4 weeks to really feel like you have the "hang of it" so give yourself that transition time. Please know that I am here to make this an easy transition for you and I am here to offer support. Please never hesitate to e-mail or call, as I want to help.

I have put together a list of things that may help ease your mind and answer some questions you may have as you start on your CVA journey.



Your materials will be delivered shortly, if not already. Please double check the packing slip and be sure all was included. It may be wise to fold down the boxes and slide them under a bed for later because at the end of your course you will need to send back some of the materials.

Technical Support/Materials Help: 866-512-2273 or online support


Mid-Year Starting With CVA

All courses are loaded at the beginning of your grade level. You may have been exposed to some of the curriculum already in your previous school. This is common and there are ways to catch you up. Please contact Ms. Colbert for help through this process.


Basic Weekly Requirements

-All students mattend all required classes.

-Students and Learning Coaches must log on to the OLS daily (Mon-Fri).

-All Learning Coaches must check their e-mail daily (Mon-Fri).

-Students must engage in learning activities for the minimum hours/day.

-Students must complete all lessons on their Daily Plan.

-Student must attend scheduled intervention courses online if they receive an invitation.

*Please contact Ms. Colbert if there is a deviation in the plan which causes an absence that will not be made up within any given week, if there is a lack of progress being made for a specific reason, or a potential missed attendance. Please just keep me in the loop so I can assist you.


Homeroom Class

This is a daily, online session where your student will come together with their homeroom class to start the day strong and learn valuable skills. It is scheduled from 9:00-10:00 each day (but will normally not last the entire hour). Think of it as a Strong Start to the day. During Homeroom, you will meet with your homeroom online where you will engage in Circle Time, Math, and Language Arts.


Homeroom and Class Connects

Class Connects are not just about receiving attendance. They are highly critical pieces of your student's education. The Class Connects are designed to help your student by:

- Receiving valuable instruction to assist with the K12 lessons
- Being sure your student is exposed to material that will be on the State assessments
- Providing a sense of community and support
- Making a connection with your licensed teacher
- Receiving assistance and clarifying course material
- Providing a consistency in their education
- Providing an intervention for struggling students and enrichment for advanced learners
- Teaching the material in a different format, which is valuable to the learning process
*Even if your child has already learned the material we are covering in a given week, it is still extremely valuable to attend your Homeroom Class Connects, as they will reinforce their learning.