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Spelling Tips

- Give an impromptu verbal spelling test (great at a stop light while in the car)Spelling
This can be done anywhere and anytime (use past spelling words as well).

- Rainbow Words
Have your child write each spelling word 4-5 times in crayon (over the top so each word is layered) so it looks as if each word is written by a rainbow.

- Type it out!
Have your child type the words 2-3 times on the computer and have them write sentences with those words. Challenge him or her to use multiple words in each sentence.

- Sing a song
Create a silly song with spelling words or put them into an existing song (Ole' McDonald is fun... Instead of "Ole' McDonald had a pig, E-I-E-I-O...", say "Ole' McDonald had a cup, c-u-p, with an 'cup, cup' here and a...").

- Turn spelling into a game
Spelling Baseball, Scrabble, Hangman (use a snowman instead of a person), or Spelling Bingo are fun choices.

-Spelling word collage:
Find the spelling words in a newspaper or magazine and create a collage.

-Spelling aerobics:
Do dance moves, katate chops, jumping jacks, or any other type of movement while you spell.

-Spelling Scavenger Hunt

-Spell in whipped topping or shaving cream

-Spelling Pancakes:
Each time you make pancakes, choose a word that your child is struggling with and create pancakes in the shapes of the letters that make up that word. Scramble them on the plate and see if our child can unscrambe the mystery spelling word. This is just one more way to incorporate learning into everyday activities.

-Stomp typing:
Get a large note card (one for each letter in the alphabet) and write  a letter on each card.
Arrange the cards on the floor like the letters on a keyboard.
Say a word. The child steps on the correct letters to spell the word.

Stomp typing

-Go to Kidsspell.com for more spelling practice games.