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PE Tips

Remember to do something active every day! First graders and above need to log 30 minutes of PE attendance per day/150 minutes maximum per week. There is no Kindergarten requirement, but it is still highly beneficial to get movement activities in each day.



In addition to the typical PE/sports games, here are some other fun PE ideas:

Freeze Dance (when the music stops, freeze in that position for a moment.  This will get everyone moving and laughing)

Move Like A… (take turns coming up with a noun to act like for a few seconds each)

Yoga (great for kids and learning coaches)

Hopscotch (make it a Language Arts game by writing a word that rhymes with many words in the squares. When your child lands on a square, they have to come up with a word that rhymes with the one they landed on.)

Jumping Jacks (skip count or do math facts while jumping)

Balloon Volleyball

Obstacle Course (fun to set up and fun to do)

Housecleaning Jam (put on some fun, upbeat music and dance while you clean)

Hand Games (clapping pattern game)


PE Tip!

Try coming up (with your student) with a list of many different PE activities. Write each on a note card.
Let your child choose which activity he or she would like to do for that day. After that activity is used, put it away for the week.