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Frequently Asked Questions


When does school begin for 2021-2022?
School officially begins August 23rd. Check your plan for your first online session at 9:00!


When will I know what teacher I will have for next year?
Elementary students will be assigned teachers mid-August. If you have a specific teacher request, contact Chelsea Gill with that information. Your teacher will be calling the weeks before school begins to touch base. Please be sure to answer that call because it is a vital part of a strong start of the year for you, your student, and your teacher.
Please note that teachers work in grade level teams. You will be assigned a Homeroom teacher, which is your first point of contact for questions or concerns. Math and Reading Group classes are shared among grade level teachers, so you will be invited to classes with both teachers throughout the year.


When will my new courses be available?
Your courses will be available August 30th and materials will be sent prior to that date. When the new courses appear in the OLS, check them over to be sure it is what you and your homeroom teacher discussed in Spring. If there are any issues with your courses, contact your teacher.
Note: The first week of school is Orientation Week. Actual curricular course work will begin August 30th.


Can I start my lessons before school starts?
Please start with the Online Learning orientation course. All other courses will appear on your plan August 30th. You may get a head-start if you wish, as the courses will be available for access on the first day of school.


What courses should my first grader have on his or her plan?
The first grade courses include:
Math+ Green Summit
Math+ Green Summit Appendix (in second semester)
ELA: Literature & Comprehension
ELA: Phonics & Spelling
ELA: Vocabulary
ELA: Handwriting & Writing Skills
Science 1 NG (Next Generation)
Physical Education
Social Studies (in second semester)
Online Learning K-5


What is the NWEA Assessment?
The NWEA Baseline Assessment is a critical piece of information. This will give you and your teacher valuable insight into your child's reading and math skills. These assessments will be teacher proctored online and the student must have no assistance from anyone (other than logging in and staying on task).


Can I hide one or more of my courses in the OLS?
Please don't hide courses unless you have discussed this with your homeroom teacher.


Can I get electives (for my K-2 student)?
Music, Art, History and Stride Arcade are electives. If you choose to add these to your child's plan, please let your homeroom teacher know so he or she can discuss it with you.
* Please note that there are requirements in place if you are adding electives. Electives will not start until October. If you are not caught up in your grade level courses, or if limited progress is made in an elective course, electives may be removed from your plan for the rest of the school year.


Can I adjust my Student Schedule or add Vacation Days?
No. Please always consult with your homeroom teacher if and when you need to be absent.


What counts as attendance?
You need to log attendance each week, as per state guidelines. Attendance is earned by:
-Attend your Homeroom Class Connect
-Attend a Small Group Class Connect
-Attend a class connect or online workshop with a your homeroom teacher
-Attend an online tutoring session or small group lesson with your homeroom teacher
-Attend a grade-level appropriate club with a CVA teacher


How do I know what time the online classes start?
You will receive an invitation for online classes and sessions in your OLS Plan. Each class starts at the hour or half hour. Teachers recommend you log into your sessions 5-10 minutes early (this allows people time to log in and check their audio before class starts).


In what program will live classes be held?
All live classes will be in the Newrow program for the 2021-2022 school year. This is a web-based program and can be accessed with most phones and browsers. For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.


I missed a Class Connect. Can I watch the recording to get attendance?
Please plan to attend all required live sessions. If you miss a Homeroom class and need the recording, your teacher may provide it to you. Watching a recording will not automatically count as attendance (unless specifically specified by your teacher, in rare cases when your teacher is out of the office and unable to host a live session).


What are all these Class Connect sessions I am seeing on my plan? Do I need to attend them all?
Here is the breakdown:
Homeroom Class: This is a required homeroom meeting each morning at 9:00 where students will participate in calendar instruction and an academic lesson in Math, Language Arts, and/or Science (sometimes other subjects as well). Opportunities to mark lessons complete may be available in many sessions. This is a huge part of your student's learning so please plan to attend daily.
Small Group Classes: If you are invited to these sessions, you will be required to attend.
SDI & Intervention Classes: If you are invited to these sessions, you will be required to attend.
Assemblies or Social Time: Occasionally the K-2 Homerooms come together for an assembly or a fun Social Time. These are optional but very fun!
Clubs: Clubs are optional.


Will there be extra help in math and language arts offered?
Additional small group sessions will be created based on student's academic need. Teachers will be conducting interim assessments throughout the year. Students in need of additional intervention (or at times, enrichment) will be invited to these sessions. If you get an invitation, it is expected you will attend.

What happens if we are sick or need a day off?
The beautiful thing about our program is that it does allow for some flexibility. If you miss a day, however, you still need to make up the work.
If you need to be gone, please contact me. If you are not already ahead in progress, tell me how you plan on making it up (over the weekend, on a non-school day, or a little extra here and there for a few days). Just keep me in the loop and be sure to make up for the lost progress.
If you are taking a vacation during normal school days, let me know and we will make sure you have a plan in place. Remember that you need attendance each week, no matter what (State Requirement).


I am having technical issues. Can Ms. Colbert help me?
I can help with some issues so a quick message to me will get the ball rolling. If I can't help, I will direct you to someone who can. If there is a problem with the OLS the number for tech support is: 866-512-2273 or click here to access online help.


I can't get into the OLS or class! What's going on?
Here are a few things to try:
-Sometimes the OLS does get a bit touchy so try again in a few minutes and see if it works.
-Try opening it from a different browser.
-Clear your caches, cookies, and temporary internet files.
-Restart your computer then try again.
-If these do not help, call tech support at: 866-512-2273.

*Always check your email if you are having issues, as it may be a system-wide outage. In this case, your teachers will contact you via email.


How do I figure out what progress percentage my child should be at?
For K-5, students are expected to complete 100% of what is assigned by your homeroom teacher. Please make sure to always stick to your daily plan to be sure you are completed by the last day of school. If you miss a day, you will need to make a plan to complete the lessons that you didn't complete. Also be sure to check the due dates in the OLS.


How many hours does my child need to work per day?
This is different for each child. The general rule is that you work until you have completed the work in your daily plan. The state requirement is 4.5 hours/day for first graders. Please contact me if you are having difficulty accomplishing your assignments so we can discuss a plan for your child.


If I want to finish my courses early, can I move to the next grade-level course?
In most cases, students will have current grade-level courses only. If you finish a course early, you may enroll in the elective courses for your grade level. There are also supplementary programs offered (Stride and Freckle), to extend your student's learning if he or she finishes early. Teachers also may add additional, enrichment activities to a student's plan.


If I finish my courses before the end of the school year, what do I do with my student to continue learning?
There are a few options:
-Stride Arcade Curriculum
-Freckle for Reading & Math
-Teacher created enrichment activities
-Go back through any lessons in your courses that you skipped or would like to revisit.
-Check out the Educational Links section for some great websites.
-K12/Stride will be offering clubs and summer camps

Will I have access to my OLS and courses over the summer?
Courses will not be available over the summer except by special permission from administration.


How do I return materials?
You will be receiving an e-mail with shipping labels once a course has been complete and the new course ordered. Be sure your teacher has your updated e-mail address. If you didn't receive one, you can always log into the K12/Stride website and request a new one.
If you are returning in the fall, please do not ship back any materials for courses you are still working on (keep the K-2 Science Keeper Kit). If you are returning in the fall and have a CVA computer, please keep it for next school year.


How do I know what materials to return at the end of a course?
You can go to your Learning Coach OLS and click 'My Info' at the top to access your account details and find information on materials.

Support/Materials Help: 866-512-2273 or online


How can I get connected with other families?
-Attend virtual or face-to-face field trips (face-to-face events are on hold due to COVID)
-Attend a K12 club.
-Check out the Family Directory in the OLS. You can search for families in your area!
-Set up a play or study group.
-Attend Homeroom (I open up chat privileges to students before the meeting. It is a great way to meet other kids and make connections).


Where can I buy cool CVA or K12/Stride gear?
Log onto http://gear.k12.com/ if you want to order a shirt, hat, backpack, or other cool gear.