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Fire Safety Unit

Unit Overview:

In this unit students will learn about fire safety and fire prevention.

Fire Drill
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Students will learn how to make their homes fire safe, what to do in an emergency, smoke detectors, home evacuation plans, and practice a fire drill.

Students will learn about fire safety by participating in a variety of learning activities that will incorporate reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.


Unit Lessons: Hydrant

Day 1: Introduction To Fire Safety
- Assess prior knowledge by starting a discussion about fire safety.
- List all the things your child knows about fire.
- Read "Firefighters are Helpers" together (click here to access the pdf).
- Discuss the role of a fire fighter (they are people who help, not be afraid of)
- Read the Firefighters Are Heroes book (click the title to access the link).

Day 2: Smoke Detectors, Home Hazards & Prevention
- Review what you learned from yesterday.
- Discuss home hazards and check the home checklist together to see if your house is fire safe.
- Go to USFA Kids to complete the Hazard House activity.
- Discuss matches/lighters and what to do if your child finds matches.
- Use the website Survivealive.org to lead a discussion (go to the Videos & Games" tab. Click on the "Fire Prevention!" video).
- Go to USFA Kids to complete the Home Fire Safety and Smoke Alarms activities.
- Test your smoke detectors together.

Day 3: Escaping Your House/Home Evacuation Plans
- Discuss what to do if there is a fire in your house.
- Create a home evacuation plan together.
- Go to USFA Kids to complete the Escaping From Fire activity.
- Use the website Survivealive.org to lead a discussion (go to the Videos & Games" tab. Click on the "Escape Tactics!" video).
- Do a practice fire drill (pretend to be sleeping) and do one later as a family when the child is not expecting it.

Day 4: Stop, Drop & Roll
- Discuss/review fire Evacuation procedures. Have your child tell you what to do in case of a fire emergency.
- Discuss Stop, Drop & Roll and have your child practice.
- If you have one, read a book about fire safety.
- Explore the Sparky Fire Safety website.
- Complete a couple activities from the USFA Activity Book.

Day 5: Review
- Review what you learned this week.
- Go to USFA Kids to complete the other activities about fire safety.
- Go to Sproutonline to show videos about fire safety.
- Add to your list other things you learned about in this unit or more details about what was on the list from Day 1. fire


Additional Resources:

USFA Activity Book

Scholastic Fire Safety

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